The last football game I watched with my father was the last night he spent in the house I grew up in. The next day, he went to the hospital. A month and a half later, he was gone.

I watched the game in his wheel chair as he sat in his favorite chair out in the living room. Lung cancer and a stroke did my father in. Even the doctor told us that he didn’t wish this on his worst enemy.

Watching the game in literal silence, but for the sounds coming from the television, more words that could ever be spoken between father and son, actually were spoken that day.
It’s amazing what one can hear when one is truly present. In these moments, it is never really about what is uttered anyway.

At half time, we moved my father to a portable toilet where he watched the halftime show. He on a toilet and me in his wheelchair.

When the game was finally over, it was surreal. Not able to get words out, my father could only stare.

But stare he did as he looked directly into my eyes with a depth of joy and love I had never seen nor felt.

My team, who had a storied franchise due to how bad they were, had finally made it to the Super Bowl and on this day… won.

I had always said, much to the disbelief of many that someday they would make it to this game and when they did, I would have a party.

Yet, here we were at the best party I could have ever asked for. Me and my father, one last time, watching football.

For certain, it was an incredibly difficult and sad season of life, but that I could have this moment with my father as my team had finally won.. priceless.

There is no one else I would have wanted to experience that moment with than him.

Hey friend, whatever you do today, be present. That next moment is never guaranteed.

#AppreciateLife. You matter!