Bottom line. If you hear anything at all today, hear these words aimed directly at your heart and mine.. YOU are loved.

Life is precious.
Life is short.
Life is a gift.

How many hills have we died upon this past week that were not worth dying upon?
How much time do we spend fanning the flames of that which matters not versus that which matters most?

Find it today [that which really matters] and go there over and over and over again.
Stop fanning the wrong flames and instead [today] fix your eyes upon that which really matters and fan those flames.

Go there.. without delay.

Go there in love.
Go there in humility.
Go there to restore.
Go there to honor.
Go there to celebrate.
Go there to forgive.
Go there to be forgiven.
Go there to make peace.
Go there to understand.
Go there to listen.
Go there to serve.
Go there to wash some feet.

But whatever you do today, just go there. Whatever you choose to “post” today, before you do, go there.

Today is your day. No regrets my friend. You matter!