The irony of life.. how quickly the roles reverse. We arrive. We blink. We say goodbye.

The walls of the facility echoed loudly that night from the random TVs left on in the various rooms. Oddly, it appeared every TV was on the same channel which only accentuated the effect. There were no other noises that night. Just that of the echoing TVs.

Inside room 42, we sat patiently around dad as his breathing began to drift off towards Heaven’s gates. It was the beginning of the end as his body grew colder and colder.

And then, like a blink of an eye, morning arrived and at sometime, I don’t remember when, the sounds of this sea of televisions seemed to have seamlessly gave way to the sounds of birds chirping just outside the building..

“Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alright.” That’s the song they sing, right? It sure sounded like it.

It was now March 13, 2003 and at 8:05 am, life left the room. You could literally feel it. Never had I ever experienced anything like that in my life. Yet there was such peace in that moment as it came upon the scene like that of one’s final exhale blowing forth their soul into that which lies beyond this life.

Forevermore had come. And in this, no more death or crying or mourning or pain. Dad was home.

This makes me think.

Life is short. Make peace with it. Your[our] life matters. You know this right? Between arrival and departure, we make our mark and its measured like this… have we loved?