Like a bottle tossed to sea with a note to some future self written within it, on this March 28th of 2017, my bottle just washed ashore. I suppose if we’re honest, social media can serve as a mirror to our past that can reflect the progress of our life, or lack thereof.

Often times, what we see might seem so meaningless as we read through the thread of our own words and pause to think and wonder what on earth we might have been experiencing in life at that time.

Something changed in me 5 years ago and it has never been more apparent than with a string of posts dated over these past 5 years on the day of March 28th.

As I read through these posts, in my own words, I can’t help but wonder what message I was writing to some future self. I guess you can never time the sea. One knows not when that bottle with note inside, will wash upon our future shore and land at the very feet of our current now.

Hopefully what we’ll find is a note that simply says, you’re doing okay, keep it up. You can do it. Or in my words, you matter.

Here Are 8 Posts From March 28th Dated 2013-2016

I wonder how my next letter will read? But first, I need to let sink in, what these letters are saying. What do you see?

1. “You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope.” – Thomas Merton

2. I heard someone say tonight that the difference between challenge and change is the lle.
Get rid of Lots of Little Excuses and see your challenge turn into change. I like that.

3. A lot can happen between here and there. Best thing anyone can do is this.. make the most of now.

4. So often we think we missed the last train out. Many times, we just got there early. Be encouraged. Life is not done with you. The train you thought you missed, was the wrong train anyway. Now this next one… this one’s yours.

5. The words “be still” await that next worry. Fear not the Peace which stands before your fears with such words in mind.

6. Pondering… I have opinion fatigue. Ever get tired of feeling like you have to have an opinion about everything in this day and age? I think people fear taking an “opinion fast” because they somehow may lose relevance. Sometimes I think we think we have more influence than we think. Sometimes we forget that taking a moment to exhale can be a good thing in regards to maintaining a healthy perspective. …Carry on.

7. Humility is best served with joy.

8. Stop trying to achieve that which you’ve already been freely given. Be saved by grace, not works. Then may your response to grace, be that which then, inspires your works.

Photograph by @gunnarsimonsen