What will I do with all this life I see beginning to spring forth before me? I see it in the trees and I smell it in the flowers all around me. I hear it in the birds singing and I feel it in the air.

Yet, I know that in the blink of an eye, seasons again will change. They always do. As soon as spring arrives, here comes summer. And the leaves that once provided the shade for summer, will again slowly begin to fall until all is laid bear for winter.

It’s funny how the seasons seem to build off the work each other produces. This sets up that so that can set up this. Rinse and repeat the cycle goes.

As I sit hear listening to a chorus of birds singing, I’m thinking about how I will live this spring by looking back and thinking about that which I learned last fall. Perhaps how I live this spring will have a lot to do with how much I learned last fall. And then into winter.

Perhaps what I learned last fall I needed to wrestle with this winter, so that I can then begin to apply what I’ve been taught this spring. We’re all in process, aren’t we? So why be so hard on ourselves.. each other? Show a little grace.. or a lot, Gunnar.

I hope I have been listening. I hope I haven’t been overthinking. I know that often times I wasn’t and that often times I was.

I learned a lot about hope last fall. Lessons never easy to learn, but for finally coming to a place where I began to lean in and allow myself to be taught. This is always a good thing. That is if we don’t do what we usually do.. fight or flight. It’s seems that the quickest way to learn things the hard way is to do these two things.

All they have in their wake is an orchard filled with bear trees year round.. year after year.

Looking forward to this spring season and hopefully seeing in full bloom these lessons I’ve learned. Certainly not all will spring forth. We’re all in process, right? So go easy on yourself, or others. Be a little grace, or a lot.

Thankful for a moment to be spontaneously intentional by leaning in to listen to these lessons I’ve learned. Yet in this, I am also reminded of that which an old friend once said to me.. change isn’t change unless there’s change.

So, now what?

Let’s wait and see what Spring has to say about how much I’ve learned, first.

Photograph by @gunnarsimonsen