Sometimes dark storms lead to good stories.

“Wait, there’s a waterfall just a half mile down the trail? Hmm. The storm does appear to be passing us by quickly. I think it’ll just miss us. We should be okay.”

Funny, I don’t even have to finish typing out all of these thoughts before you already know where this is all leading.

The waterfall was just a few steps away when we realized that the only water that appeared to be falling was from the sky.

One drop quickly turned into what seemed like an infinite amount of drops. And then, it happened..


Quickly making our way back up the hill, the downpour of rain now had a companion, thunder and lightning.

CLIMBIt was like a scene in a movie as we sought to out run that which we could not predict. With flashes of lightning all around us, for about 10 minutes, you couldn’t even count the distance before the loud roar of thunder would arrive.

Racing through the trees with no place and no time to stop, we kept moving.

For a moment, I smiled.

My daughter now too, has a thunder and lightning story with her dad just like I have one with my dad. And although it was a little frightening, both stories, they both ended up becoming good stories.

With my dad, it was on a golf course. We knew a storm was brewing, but dad bought me a new club that day and dang it all, we were going to play a round of golf.

As we arrived on the first green after a decent start to the round, it happened.


Lightning struck the metal barn about 150 yards from where we were standing. And just like that, we were off to the races as we quickly scrambled back to the clubhouse where we would get a rain check for another day.

Ironically, we just got in the car and drove down the road to the next course and played anyway.

Back on the trail, my daughter’s boyfriend led the way as she raced close behind. I brought up the back. By now, it seemed as if the lightning strikes had grown in distance and appeared to subside. Even the rain slowed.

We were soaked. But we were now carrying something that I know, just like the golf story, will grow even better with time.

Remember that time we went searching for a waterfall in a dark storm? Yeah, that is such a good story.

Hey friend, may your dark storms become good stories too. Don’t you love redemption? Me too. Me too.

Photograph by @GunnarSimonsen

More scenes from that one day… (pics by G and K)