3 Recent thoughts on hurt people, if the tree falls.

If hurt people hurt people then perhaps broken people teach people that we should instead love people regardless of who they are, how they live, what they believe, what they have done, or where they have been.

Isn’t the greatest of these such? To love?

Be kind and love your neighbor.

You just never know the hurt they might be carrying and in this, the brokenness within them, that too, has been crying out all along for healing.

And while you’re at it, take not offense to their hurt. Rather instead, if you take anything at all, take love and grace on the offense to their brokenness.

In doing this, hurt won’t have a chance. But be patient and know this..

Love wins. At least the Bible tells me so. 😉 Make it so, my friend.

Without delay.



When we hold onto our hurts, it tells our brokenness, not yet.
Yet, when we surrender our brokenness to I AM,
He tells our hurts, enough’s enough.


If a tree falls in the forest,
does anybody hear it?
If the enemy of depression
is isolation, then I’d say not.

Don’t let the sun go down
without asking a friend in need
if they’re ok. …without delay.

Photographs by @GunnarSimonsen