You know.. there was a season in my life where I shelved my gifts. That is, until I received a text message from my daughter telling me it was time to take them off the shelf and use them again.

She closed that text message by telling me to remove my hand from the light inside and let it shine.

We all have seasons and sometimes you might even feel like there is no way out. A bi-product of such is that we also, during these seasons, tend to do as I did and shelve our gifts.

The truth is, all along, perhaps it was in using our gifts, that they become the very key we have looked for to finally unlock that door we’ve been trying to open.

Each of us have some pretty unique gifts which were woven within us while we were being knitted together in our mother’s womb. Are you using them? Do you know what they are?

Yet life happens sometimes and its then that we find ourselves in a place that sometimes seems so foreign to our factory settings.

Whatever the case, you matter. Whatever the case, the world loves your narrative. Its never too late to step forth into your gift.

It awaits you. And so do we. Take a risk on who you were meant to be and were created to be, my friend. Life’s too short to be someone else. Be you and let your light so shine, too.

Can’t wait to see it in action. We’ll be cheering you on!

Me, excited to get a little summer volunteer work in doing the public address announcing for Beaverton Baseball summer league. Last spring was a gift doing the varsity team.