Was hope present yesterday? Of course.

But for some, it could not be seen. But it was there. Much like the blue sky that always dwells just above the clouds. We may not see it, but it is there. And, I’ll bet that if we are patient enough, soon enough, it (blue sky) will look our way. Even if be it found woven into the smallest of ponds as we gauze over and look down upon the sky.

Hey friend. Be seen by hope this day. It’s there. You may not see it. But guess what? It knows your name.

Hey friends who know someone who could use some hope this day, take a moment, without delay, and look their way. It doesn’t take much. It just takes prioritizing.

Be hope to someone this day by loving your neighbor. They matter. And so do you.

Pondering my thankfulness for friends who’ve looked my way as well as for a Hope that shines bright always.. even beyond the clouds.