A lot goes into growth. Pondering life today on a back road.


Catching the day’s last slow goodbye. I hope you found peace today. If not, rest here. Matter of fact, I’ll join you.


Inside every wish are a thousand hopes. May the light which shines from above find yours this day.


“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

This makes me think about that next transaction and how often my life account winds up overdrawn. What matters most? I’ll gladly pay the price for that. That is, if I have any funds left in the account from spending it on stuff that doesn’t.

Life is too short for regrets. Besides, nobody wants to get to the end of life with an account that’s overdrawn and not a dang thing that matters to show for it.

In a life with no guarantees, that last breath is the closest we’ll ever get. How did we spend it? I hope well.

Pondering choices, priorities, and what’s left in my account.


Sometimes it takes reaching the end of one’s road before we realize that all along, blue sky lied in wait. Life is short. Forgive, be forgiven. Love and be loved. Hey friend, that next heartbeat matters. Appreciate it. The only guarantee we have, was the last one.

All Images by @GunnarSimonsen