“At 76 years old, mom has more energy than anyone I know.” – Son(me)

Sitting on my mom’s back patio, I looked up and saw that she was picking some ripe tomatoes from her backyard to go with the dinner she had just made for her next door neighbor. For years, her neighbor, in her late eighties, has seen her health spiral to the point where she spends most of her time in her large house. She never remarried after the divorce and she had already lost one son.

As mom returns, her head is bowed low as if it were no big deal. It was almost like she was embarrassed to be seen as she wasn’t doing it for show. Walking back into her house through her back porch sliding door, the sun, now directly west, shined brightly as it seared a silhouette of mom on the side of her home.

She was already on to the next thing that was on her list to accomplish. At 76 years old, mom has more energy than anyone I know.

This was not out of the ordinary for mom, either. Come to find out, she takes meals to her neighbor regularly as well as is always checking in on her. No big deal, right? I mean, this is what neighbors do, right?

This makes me think about what it is that I do with my energy. Do I use it up all for myself, or do I intentionally spend it on a whole different kind of currency?

The currency of loving your neighbor… when no one is looking.

Photograph of tomato and neighbor’s home taken by @gunnarsimonsen